“Can You Communicate With Bugs?”

Yes, it is possible to communicate with bugs too! Let me share what happened when I communicated with a black widow spider that was in my backyard. It was pretty cool! And, when I was on an early date, with my now husband, where I sternly asked a mosquito eater (this is what people call the crane fly), to stop flying around us as we were trying to eat.

In my old house, a black widow kept making her web right where my dogs would go pee.  I worried about them getting bit since they were little and the venom can affect them very seriously.  So I pulled her web down.  The next day, she built another web in the same spot.  I pulled the web down.  The next day, the web was back up.  I smacked myself in the head and said talk to her instead.  So I explained to her I was tearing her web down because I was worried about my dogs getting in her way and her biting them.  I asked her to build the web on the other side of the wall and I’d leave her web alone. Dang straight if the next day her web wasn’t gone on my dog’s side of the wall and it was built on the other side of the wall and she was on it.  I thanked her and apologized for wrecking her web before I talked to her.  She thanked me for not killing her and for explaining what she needed to do so she could keep her web.

Now I’d like to share what happened with a crane fly. It was only a few dates in with the man who is now my husband, Richie. He knew I was an animal communicator, but was learning more about what all that meant and was so interested in understanding it all. We sat down for dinner and this crane fly kept flying around our food and in our faces. Finally fed up, I stood up and said to the crane fly, “Okay, you’re driving me NUTS! Land on my arm right now and I promise I won’t hurt you! I’ll carry you outside so you can be free like you need to be to survive!”

Dang straight, if that crane fly didn’t immediately land on my arm, I walked to the door, went outside and it flew away thanking me.

I turned around to find Richie in total shock with his mouth hanging open that I was able to do that. (Okay, I was in a little shock too that it listened to me on the spot like that and I thought to myself, “Hec YEAH!”) 🙂

So yes, communication can be done with any species, even bugs!

Author: chatswithanimals

* I am an animal communicator (telepath) & intuitive healer. I have been blessed with a gift that enables me to communicate with the mind and hearts of animals. I’ve been doing animal communication professionally since the year 2000 and have an established track record of helping animals and their people. * How I received this blessing was from the worst moment in my life. My dog Corke was hit by a car on purpose by a man I was in a relationship with when I was out of town. Why? Because he did not like dogs and was jealous of how much I loved Corke. He left Corke in the cold, dark garage to slowly hemorrage to his death. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced. I couldn’t believe that one’s heart could hurt so much and still survive when I arrived home and had to bury him. I went on a quest to reach him. Our undying love for each other is what actually gave me the biggest blessing I could ever dream of - being able to communicate with animals. And in doing so, I vowed that I would help others be able to share with their beloved pets how much they fill our hearts and our lives. Also, to help people in their grief when they have had a pet pass on. I wanted to free people from the torment I lived until I was able to reach My Little Angel - Corke. * I am mostly clairaudient (hear their voice) and clairsentient (feel their emotions), but I do get clairvoyant (see images) information as well. So just as you and I would talk together, that’s how it is with your pet and me. You get to hear exactly what their response is to what you ask or tell them. * My training in healing touch has turned into the ability to do intuitive healing/energy balancing. I am able to see energy blockages and pain in animals without being in their presence. This healing technique has helped the animals I’ve worked with emotionally and physically. I’ll also recommend natural products that might help with various issues.

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