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The Gift

Had No Idea What These Were

I was the winning bidder on a basket containing lots of goodies at a Lab Rescue fund raising event near me & these 2 pads were in the basket. Ultra suction to anything (wall or floor), but had no idea what they were for. Used Google Lens to snap a picture and found out they are these…

“Peanut Butter Lick Pad – Reduce pet anxiety or use to distract pets while bathing.”

What a cool idea! Like some of those Kongs, but they stay in place and give pets with over licking issues, a better thing to focus on vs over licking themselves.

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Keep Your Babies Safe From Coyotes !

We had 3 very big coyotes caught on our security cameras this morning at 6:10AM. But we’ve also seen them during the bright light of day and at all times during the night.

We’ve run into them before when walking our dogs in our yard. Yelling at them doesn’t work. They just turn and square off with you. We’ve tried throwing some rocks at them to scare them and that didn’t work either.

What worked was we wear a loud whistle around our neck and when we see them, we blow it and it scares them away.

Other tips:

1. Make sure to hook the leash on a harness that allows you to pull them up quickly and safely by it (vs a collar that can slip of easily).

2. I even have a tight bungie key chain looped around the leash handle and around my wrist. When coyotes jump out of no where, people usually jump and the leash drops and they can run off with your baby! The bungie ensures you stay connected to your baby’s leash.

3. Fences DO NOT protect your furry kids. Coyotes can jump over 12 foot fences!

4. Keep them close by you too, but coyotes have taken pets right beside their person without these other safeguards.

5. Since they often hunt in packs too, even some larger dogs alone are not safe outside. Especially older or sick babies.

“Can You Communicate With Bugs?”

Yes, it is possible to communicate with bugs too! Let me share what happened when I communicated with a black widow spider that was in my backyard. It was pretty cool! And, when I was on an early date, with my now husband, where I sternly asked a mosquito eater (this is what people call the crane fly), to stop flying around us as we were trying to eat.

In my old house, a black widow kept making her web right where my dogs would go pee.  I worried about them getting bit since they were little and the venom can affect them very seriously.  So I pulled her web down.  The next day, she built another web in the same spot.  I pulled the web down.  The next day, the web was back up.  I smacked myself in the head and said talk to her instead.  So I explained to her I was tearing her web down because I was worried about my dogs getting in her way and her biting them.  I asked her to build the web on the other side of the wall and I’d leave her web alone. Dang straight if the next day her web wasn’t gone on my dog’s side of the wall and it was built on the other side of the wall and she was on it.  I thanked her and apologized for wrecking her web before I talked to her.  She thanked me for not killing her and for explaining what she needed to do so she could keep her web.

Now I’d like to share what happened with a crane fly. It was only a few dates in with the man who is now my husband, Richie. He knew I was an animal communicator, but was learning more about what all that meant and was so interested in understanding it all. We sat down for dinner and this crane fly kept flying around our food and in our faces. Finally fed up, I stood up and said to the crane fly, “Okay, you’re driving me NUTS! Land on my arm right now and I promise I won’t hurt you! I’ll carry you outside so you can be free like you need to be to survive!”

Dang straight, if that crane fly didn’t immediately land on my arm, I walked to the door, went outside and it flew away thanking me.

I turned around to find Richie in total shock with his mouth hanging open that I was able to do that. (Okay, I was in a little shock too that it listened to me on the spot like that and I thought to myself, “Hec YEAH!”) 🙂

So yes, communication can be done with any species, even bugs!

“I’m Ready Mom, let’s go and get this done already.”

I’ve talked about sweet Benji before (isn’t he SO handsome), but had to share his cuteness!

Many people have me tell their pets of upcoming trips, vet visits, company coming, etc; knowing how much they do NOT like surprises (except treats of course).  Well, Benji had an upcoming vet visit the next day so I let him know it was coming, he’ll need to be driven in his crate to the vets (which he hates going into) and that the test he needed, wasn’t one of his more harder ones this time for a condition he has.

The next day, he was ready to get into his crate before his mom Eleanor was ready to leave for their appointment time.  So blooming precious!



Thank You! Have to share a funny. Got up this morning and he was ready to go. He kept looking at me like “when? When? Appointment was for 12:30pm. So finally at 11:20 I got his carrier out and put it on the chair. He came right over, sniffed at it and climbed right in! He laid down, looked at me and his expression just said, “Let’s go!”

Thought you would get a kick out of that! Thanks again for squeezing him in!


What Does Being A Therapy Dog, Mean To A Therapy Dog? Everything!

This is Zoe.  Her and her mom do therapy visits in nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, suicide prevention workshops, a grief workshop weekend for kids who had lost a parent or a sibling, school for kids who need additional services to be successful in school, etc.

At one suicide prevention workshop, Zoe zeroed in on a young man and stayed with him the entire night one time knowing he needed her.
At the grief workshop for kids, several there were really drawn to Zoe.  Zoe is so sweet and patient just letting them cry on her while holding her.  At one grief camp experience, the kids had to make secret handshakes with their big buddy ( mentor).  One little girl made one up with Zoe (a handshake and a hug).  She came over to Zoe every time the group had to give their buddy the secret handshake.  Her mom was so glad Zoe knew how to shake!

Since Covid, they haven’t been able to go on therapy visits in person/on-site (vs just being outside through a window) and as we know and are seeing, it is not the same.

This is Zoe’s perspective on masks, not seeing a person’s smile nor being able to go do therapy sessions in person to help others.  She’s so dedicated to helping others and gets so much back from it herself (as does her mom), it’s made her very sad.

Please read what she had to say.  I found it so deeply loving and profound from a beautiful soul called Zoe.

[NOTE: This is so cool!  I asked Zoe’s mom to tell her verbally that I wrote about her and her devotion to helping people and her mom responded with this!]

From: Nancy
Subject: Re: Posted Zoe’s story 🙂
Date: February 3, 2021 at 1:20:55 PM PST

Wow!    That it is so nice!    I read it to Zoe who kept her head on my knee and wagging her tail.    It was a hit!    

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“I’m Afraid Of My Daddy!”

I love talking to animals and help them and their people. Animals are so blooming amazing right?! 🙂

I was asked to talk to this little dog Gracie. She was adopted back in April – She would not let her daddy Stu come near her even after 7 months and sessions with a trainer. 😦

She loved her mom, their older son and their daughter; but would stay away from her daddy at all costs.

After talking to her and learning she had been hurt by a man previously to being rescued and that sometimes her daddy smelled like that man (cologne or body product); explained to her that man was not her daddy and her daddy loved her and would protect her from anyone wanting to hurt her. That he so badly wanted to get her love too since he was the only one she wouldn’t love in the home.

Guess what happened? ❤

Response from Gracie’s mommy the next day!

“Good morning! So on Saturday she let Stu open the door for her to come in from the backyard. Usually she runs until myself or Jon lets her in. Yesterday on our long walk she walked between us , again she usually tried to be as far away as possible. She also bopped him with her nose a few times. If that is not enough last night we had a terrible wind and rain storm. She was sitting on one side of me, got up and jumped over me to sit next to Stu. Stu is now a believer!”

Doesn’t that give you happy tears for Gracie? So proud of you Gracie!

Overly Stressed Cat Not Eating Or Drinking & Won’t Come Out Of Hiding, After Being Evacuated From Fires In The Area

One of my clients contacted me because she was evacuated from her home due to the Bay Area fires and her cat Nibs wasn’t eating, drinking and only hiding, fully stressed.

“Everyone is safe thankfully, but it’s scary and awful and unbelievably stressful. And of course Nibs is incredibly stressed… probably more than me. So many foreign strange sounds for the poor guy (at the hotel), and he’s mostly been hiding. We arrived on Wednesday about 6 pm, and he’s barely had anything since then. I had fed him before we left, but he vomited it all back up which is very unusual for him. Then there was the 45 min drive to Santa Clara (he screamed the whole time and pooped and peed in the carrier). :(“

She contacted me asking if I could communicate with him ASAP. I started communicating with him at 12:42PM. He thought that something was after him and his mom either to hurt or kill them thinking that’s why she was so scared and why they left their home so quickly!

I quickly explained to him about the fires, so her mom leaving the home so quickly with him and driving to the hotel, was to keep them safe from the fire and nothing was after them to hurt or kill them. He was instantly so relieved, poor little guy.

And by 12:57PM she reported, not knowing I had already talked to him…
“He ate shortly before my last email at 12:57… interesting! And then I left to pick up some food and supplies. I took longer than expected and when I got back I couldn’t find Nibsie at first, but then he came out of hiding, and he’s been out and about and much more calm and more himself. It’s amazing! At the moment he’s sitting in the middle of the room calmly feeling confident and not hiding in the corner. He didn’t run when he heard loud people out in the hall. I just dared to pull up the shade, and he took a look out the window and it was no big deal. Earlier he was really freaked out at the sight of the large parking lot and cars and people, etc. He seems to have really improved tremendously since you talked to him.”
Nibs is Mr. Relaxed after our conversation, can you tell? This is one of his photos in the hotel room now. Nibs, you are so very handsome and sweet!

Have I said this before? I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to animals!!!! ❤


Is There Any Natural Support For My Pet Who Has Seizures?

Yes, there are many natural things to help a pet that has seizures…

My previous little dog Pj, started having seizures at 5 years old, which I was told by the vet, is an age where that can start.  After thousand of dollars of tests to see where his seizures stemmed from, nothing was conclusive.  There were no answers of how to help him not have a seizure. Thank goodness his were not often or severe enough to have to be put on drugs, so I sought out natural ways to help him.

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.12.51 PM


When Pj started having seizures, I was taking him to a vet-chiropractor once a month.  She told me that placing an ice pack between his shoulder blades while in a seizure, sometimes helps a pet come out of the seizure quicker.


A naturalistic vet suggested putting 3 drops of  Bach Flower-Rescue Remedy on his lips when in seizure, and after to help calm him.


Many holistic books suggest rubbing the whole ear inside & out of both ears, with your index finger and thumb, if you notice they might be going into one or during one.

Healing touch, intuitive healing and acupuncture have all been shown to help as well.

FOOD, SUPPLEMENTS (vitamins, minerals & herbs) & HOMEOPATHIC SUPPORT:

These holistic books give many other ways to help such as supplements, homeopathic support & herbs;

The Complete Holistic Dog Book

The Holistic Guide For A Healthy Dog

Healthy Healing An Alternative Healing Reference


About this time, I learned how to do kinesiology testing from my chiropractor.  Definition, if you’ve never heard of this before, “Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology.”  It’s basically muscle testing.  It shows the positive or negative effects of something, in combination with you.

For example, I suffered with chronic eczema since I was 3 years old.  Nothing helped me – not prescription creams, years of allergy shots, cortisone pills, iodine baths, etc.  And believe me I tried it all!  I started muscle testing everything I ate, drank, washed my clothing/towels/bedding with or anything I put on my skin.

After 33 years of suffering from chronic eczema, kinesiology testing gave me my answer.  It was milk.  I stopped drinking milk and my eczema disappeared in 1-week!  One week, after suffering so much of my life with it.

So, I tested PJ the same way just to see if anything he was getting, was not good for him.  I found one food he tested so badly on, I never fed him that food again and he never had another seizure.  He lived till 17 years old, and never had another seizure.

I’m not saying that kinesiology can heal seizures or be a cure all, I’m just saying it can help remove things that are making our bodies taxed.

For instructions on doing kinesiology testing;



Make sure to only give purified water and food ONLY in glass bowls or plates.  Some pets have reactions to ceramic paints, metals or plastics.

[Any products & suggestions are all natural, but it is always recommended to check with your vet before using or doing them.


Many holistic sites have been touting the benefits for using CBD oil for pets with epilepsy or seizures (make sure it does NOT contain THC).  Just beware that the products are still very unregulated and doses may increase or decrease per each bottle you buy even from the same seller and of the same product.


Make sure to document the day and time your pet has a seizure, what was going on, was it hot out, after a walk, what they’ve eaten in the last couple of days…any details.  Also, how long the seizure lasted.  How did they act before & after?  Keep your vet updated with this information.


As we all know, seizures can be a serious indication that something is wrong, so seek a vet’s care immediately.  Even if they’ve had one before, if it lasts too long – even minutes, the pet can overheat which is dangerous!  Apply cold water or wet towels between their back legs, neck, paws & head, but it’s crucial that you get them to a vet ASAP!


Make sure to follow this list as well…

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 5.07.51 PM

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Cindy Richardson/Animal Communicator & Intuitive Healer http://www.chatswithanimals.comemailingcindy@gmail.com

The Story Of Ellie: An Amazing Horse’s Sensitive Heart

This is a true story of Ellie and her beautiful & sensitive heart…

I was asked by Ellie’s person-mom Marsha to talk to her about all the changes that had happened recently.  To make sure she didn’t have any wrong ideas of why the changes happened, to make sure she understood it was nothing she had done wrong & to make sure she’d be okay with the new things in her life like a new family and being moved to a new place to live.

Marsha had me explain to Ellie that her granddaughter Mia could no longer ride her and show together with her.  That she loved her with all her heart, but changes in life, changed the time Mia had left in her day.  School, family life, etc; left no time for riding or competitions any more.

Marsha had another family member who had a young daughter who wanted to learn to ride.  Marsha knew they would be touched by having Ellie in their lives too!  Ellie would meet more family, have a new little girl to teach, to love and to love her too.

ELLIE:  “I’d like that very much Cindy.  I am good & I am smart.  I’d love to help Avery learn too!  I am very good at that & I do enjoy it so (learning with & teaching a little girl to ride)!”

Ellie was so relieved to hear all the changes weren’t because of something she did wrong.  But, because of everything she does wonderfully right – being her beautiful, loving & sensitive self.

ELLIE:  ”I’m glad to know…to be hearing why any changes were made.  I get a little apprehensive & worried when things do, and I don’t understand.  I don’t like moves (moving) much when I’m alone with my thoughts.  I’m pretty happy go lucky & am happy where I am (in her new place), but then doubts can set into my thoughts too.  I try not to show others, but in my quiet moments, they fill my thoughts some…quite a bit actually.  It was me I feel though too (blaming herself for the change & it was said with such sadness).”

I told her messages from Marsha & Mia to calm her fears & sadness.  To confirm again it was nothing she did wrong.  That she is loved beyond belief by everyone.  What wonderful partners she and Mia were and how much they learned together as I was told they won a championship and that they both worked so hard to win that.

ELLIE:  ”I was very proud of us Cindy.  We did work well & hard together.  I hope she was proud of us too.”

Told her of course Mia was and asked, “Couldn’t you see and feel that from Mia?”  (Knowing she did.)

ELLIE (Thinking back on it):  “Yes, we stood proud we did (said full of pride)!  Will I ever see Mia again Cindy (said with such sadness in her eyes & in her heart)?”

Told her I’d need to ask Marsha because I didn’t know that information.  In a later conversation I explained to Ellie that Mia now lived 4 hours away from where Ellie was, but she’d come visit as often as possible and her new family would send pictures of Ellie to Mia too.

ELLIE:  “I would really like that.  It would make me feel that it wasn’t all about just our time together, but our caring for one another too.  I’m still feeling some sadness about Mia being away, but I understand.  I really do.”

I asked Ellie if there was anything she wanted me to share to Mia through Marsha.

ELLIE:  “I love Mia with all my heart Cindy.  She was like a little sister to me & my friend.  I had such fun learning together.  I will miss her & I’d like for her to come see me whenever she can. Can you also thank Marsha for me for her thoughtfulness of sharing these meaningful & necessary messages with me. Necessary because I would have kept wondering why the changes were made & been very sad without knowing.”

Ellie’s new mom shared that her youngest daughter Amy showed up crying at the barn and Ellie went to her and almost cuddled her (see photo below).

She said Amy asked to ride Ellie and almost never wants to ride & she rode Ellie. She felt Ellie intuitively knew how to help her daughter.

As you can tell, she did.  Ellie has a heart of gold and she’s beautiful inside and out, don’t you think? ❤

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