Plants Can Kill Or Harm Your Pets – What’s in Your Yard?

Many of the most common plants can kill or harm your pet.  Which of these is in your yard?  Or, where your pets go?

If you notice any signs of poisoning in your pet or even suspect it, call the Pet Poison Hotline and get your pet to a vet immediately.

I keep this number in my kitchen (for any pet sitters) and in my phone.

For more information, go to –

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•     SAGO PALMS – “The fronds and the bark and the roots, all of it is toxic,” Wismer said. “Many pet owners don’t know that these can actually be toxic to their dogs and cats,” Dr. Tina Wismer, medical director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Animal Poison Control Center, told ABC News. “One or two seeds is enough to kill a dog, or even a child.”

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•     FIRESTICKS – Beware this plant can cause severe burns to skin or if ingested, make them very ill.

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•     LILIES – Lilies are well-known as a serious danger to cats, certain varieties are highly toxic to dogs as well. The peace lily, calla lily, amaryllis, lily of the valley, autumn crocus and the common houseplant, giant Dracaena or palm lily, are all deemed dangerous to dogs by the ASPCA.

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This was posted to Facebook, but it’s such a great use of a natural product, versus a harmful chemical one for pets who walk in your yard, wanted to share here too:

“Weeds in Paths?  Use Vinegar, Not Roundup.”

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Often, The Most Simple Suggestion, Helps Both The Pet & Their Person :)

ALBERT was such a high anxiety & high stressed dog for no reason and they couldn’t understand why. He was constantly panting and often would snap becoming aggressive fearfully biting his dad who would be trying to calm him down. Albert never wanted to go outside because it freaked him out.

They had his sister MAVIS from the same litter and she was so calm and chill, why was he so completely opposite they wondered?

It turned out that when Albert and Mavis were puppies abandoned with their mom dog in the desert, a coyote tried to attack and eat Albert because he was the runt and an easy target. He got away thank God.

Albert’s issue was that he was constantly straining to hear noises from far away so he could make sure to attack 1st. When he did hear a far off sound, he’d snap going completely berserk!

I explained to him that he was no longer exposed to danger like that and the home protects him from predators as does his mom & dad when outside.

I told Albert when he gets stressed, to munch on a toy to distract himself, take deep breaths & just think of something fun in his head. I told him when his dad uses the phrase, “Calm now, everything is okay love,” he is being reminded he’s safe. His dad used this verbal connection with Albert to remind him of our talk.

His sister Mavis did have one little issue. She’d jump up on them excitedly. His wife was ill and it was causing her injury. So, they asked me to tell her not to jump up anymore. I told her they were happy she was so happy, but explained how jumping on them hurt especially because we don’t have fur like she does to protect the skin. She was glad to know and would be “happy” staying on the ground instead.

The next day, I was giving such wonderful feedback about the two:

Date: July 10, 2017 at 8:14:25 PM PDT Thanks Cindy,

[Albert] is out for the count right now. Totally relaxed. Stretched out and asleep [shortly after your talk with him]. I will use the safe and calm words often [that you suggested].

I thought maybe he had been be abused by humans but the coyote or other animal attack [he mentioned] makes so much sense now that I think about his reactions. It is the distant noise that gets to him the most [like you said in the session]. A kid playing next door gets no reaction, a kid shouting half a mile away gets him hyped up. Same with dog sounds. The dog next door barks all day and no reaction from Albert. A small dog barks in the street below and he goes crazy.


I received more feedback almost a month later:

Date: August 5, 2017 at 4:06:24 PM PDT Hi Cindy,

Albert & Mavis are doing great. I can’t remember the last time Mavis jumped up at us. A couple of times she started and stopped mid flight as if she remembers your chat. Albert is so much happier and calmer. He is almost always with a chew/bone in his mouth now and grabs one before going outside. It definitely calms him down.

I like the fact that you have an open conversation with them!


It still amazes me how wonderfully loving animals are and how they really want to be the best for us, but that sometimes just a few little words with them, can make the biggest difference in them. ❤

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My Interview On Empire Radio-NY About Being An Animal Communicator [7/15/17]

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Listen to broadcast:

It was nice to be interviewed by Robert Whetham from Empire Radio-NY.  He asked really great questions I thought.

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Do Animals Act Differently When You’re Communicating With Them?

Most of the time, they don’t.  If their parents were to look or talk with them during the time I’m communicating with them, they don’t see any difference in their behavior…but, there are some who do.

One dog would always walk into their dining room and stare at the wall in the dark when him and I started communicating together (a room they never used so it was quiet and apart from others).

One mom noticed that her dog was behaving weirdly between 3 & 4 PM.  Like her dog was suddenly seeing a fly in the room that no one else could see.  She mentioned it to her husband and he said, “I wonder if Cindy is talking to Mavis right now?”

Ha, I was!  Mavis and I started our communication at 3:26 PM ending our conversation close to 4 PM.

One thing I do get told all the time is after I talk to someone’s pet, the pets are usually over the top affectionate to their mom & dad and joyously happy right after the session.  They’re so happy to get messages from their mom and dad.  It makes their relationship together even tighter.

It’s truly a blessing to my heart to hear that! ❤

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“Hey Lady!?!”

My husband Richie always teases me because when the hummingbird feeders are empty, hummingbirds will go to each of the windows of the house looking in trying to find me to say, “Hey lady, the feeders are empty!”

If they see him in one of the windows, they keep looking for me (he never fills the feeders.

One day on our 2 week vacation in the Bahamas, Richie was checking our security camera footage and suddenly busted out laughing.

He said, “They even stalk you when you’re not home to tell you the feeders are empty!!”

Wish we would have downloaded the video because it was funnier. You see this blob on the camera lens moving and as the blob fades back, it’s the hummingbird looking directly into the camera lens.

But, at least we kept a photo.

Can’t you just hear, “HEY lady!!”


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The Feelings Pets Have


I just did a session for a women who’s cat Alex became good friends with a feral cat who kept visiting their farm. She named the feral Grey. Alex would wait under a truck everyday for his friend who came daily.

Recently Grey disappeared suddenly and Alex kept waiting under the truck for him everyday.

She asked me to contact Grey to see if he was still alive, which sadly he wasn’t. I also communicated with Alex telling him Grey was no longer alive here and gave him Grey’s message of love & friendship.

After I communicated with Alex, his mom said Alex stopped waiting under the truck for his friend that isn’t coming.

SO love animals!


His loving message to Alex


Alex when he was waiting for Grey


Grey –

Did You Know Microchips Can Move?


I didn’t.  Unlikely, but they can. At your yearly vet visit, have them check the chip each time.

Remember to keep this updated whenever you move, your phone numbers change, or your “Take Care of My Pet” emergency backup people’s info changes!

I have this as a calendar reminder every few months as a check to myself. Then just move it back out several months again for next time.

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