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The Gift

It’s Hard Missing Your Brother :(

The other morning, Lollipop just wouldn’t stay settled while we slept in the morning. She kept getting up and going down the bed doggie stairs and kept looking for something.

Looking in the dark closet, into the bathroom, into the bathroom stalls, into the master den, foyer & back into the room. So I’d get up, pick her up and lay her back on the bed covering her with her blanket. Only for her to get up a few minutes later do do this all over again. Mind you, those who know me know I’m not a morning person, so I wasn’t thinking of communicating with her to ask her what was up. It was still dark, way too early and I was so tired. So I’d just get her and put her back into bed and wrap her up. For her to do it again so after 4 times, I just let her be and went back to sleep.

Later when it was time for me to get up, this is where and how I found her. She was sleeping in Snickers’ bed that I still have in the bathroom. When I asked her about it, she said she missed him and felt him so strongly with us, she thought he was there (physically).

Made me cry. Because I miss him so much too. My little angel Snickers in heaven will forever be in our hearts until we’re all together again in heaven. What a celebration that will be!

[Lollipop laying in Snickers’ bed on the toys he loved to chew.]

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My Little Snickers & His 2 Hearts – in his fur & in his paw print

Even though I can still communicate to my little angel face Snickers in heaven, my heart is still broken into so many pieces missing him, I still breakdown into bawling tears suddenly out of nowhere.

When I adopted him, I saw he had a heart in his fur pattern colors. I thought, “NO, I must just be a crazy dog mom!!!” Nope, others started to notice the heart on his side too!

Recently, I realized he gave me yet another heart message even in his passing. I was holding his clay paw print I got when getting his ashes and realized when you turned it upside down, the big part of his paw pad left a heart print.

As I always said and will always say, I love you more than air my little angel butt. Forever and ever until we’re together in heaven.

My Snickers & My Dad – Together In Heaven

Heartache sure can come all at once.  My Snickers crossed over New Year’s Eve and then my dad several weeks later on my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  My mom kissed him that morning and they wished each other happy anniversary, and he died that afternoon.

On 9/17, my dad went to Urgent Care with a severe pain in his side.  He was transferred from there to a hospital and after tests, it was revealed to him he had 2 different types of lung cancer in his right lung and bone cancer from his neck down to his legs.

He got his 1st round of chemo on 10/31 taking 8 hours, then the next day 3 and then the next day another 3.  He turned 80 years old 11/10 and 2 days later after blowing out his candle on the dessert we brought, he was unable to eat or even swallow water.  And it went down hill from there, way too quickly.

A week after Snickers crossed, he communicated to me that my dad was coming to heaven really soon.  I asked him how soon and he said before 2 weeks from then.  And that he’d be the 1st to greet him in heaven with kisses all to his face.

Sweet little Lollipop, during one of the calls for 911 to come to my parent’s home, just whined staring at him until the EMTs left and then I let her climb onto the bed with him. She loves her grandpa too!

My little angel was right, my dad died 1-1/2 weeks later and Snickers greeted him with kisses all over his face just as promised.

My dad and Snickers had a special relationship.  Every time my parents would come over or we’d go to their house, he had gone to the grocery store to get him baked or fried chicken to add to his dinner.  Lollipop got lucky too from this as when we adopted her, she got in on it.

At my parent’s house, my dad wouldn’t stay with any of us visiting the whole time, he’d grab some cheese and say, “Come on Snickies!”  Him and my dad would trot down the long hallway to my dad’s room.  One time my dad tried to be sneaky and grabbed the cheese without saying a word and went down the hall.  Not to my little boy!  Snicks zoomed off the chair chasing my dad down the hall for his cheese and grandpa time!

Dad, I’m glad you’re not suffering as even though you said it so little, you were in tremendous pain and feeling so sick.  I’m glad Snickies was the 1st in heaven to greet you and that I see you two hanging out and having fun as you visit with your passed family and friends.  Please take care of my little baby boy!

-Snickers always gave him kisses all over his face when seeing him-

-The last photo of my dad & Snickers before they both crossed to heaven-

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Lollipop Grieves For Her Brother Who Crossed To Heaven This New Year’s Eve ’22:

She was between Snickers and I when Snickers crossed over in our living room by a kind vet and Richie on the other side.  When Snickers’ heart had stopped, she sniffed his little head for a bit before moving away to cuddle Richie.

She’s never slept on his bed in the den and always went to her bed right next to his.  Since the day he crossed, I took 2 of his harnesses and 2 toys that he’d rest next to on the kitchen chair he’d sit on when I ate, and put them down on his bed.  When we’re in the kitchen, she’s only been resting on his bed next to his harnesses and toys now.

The 2nd night without her brother, she stayed at the end of the bed and just kept staring out in different directions, restless.  Snickers was rarely without one of his gators when resting in various rooms.  Richie asked me if he could go get one and wrap it around her.  I knew it would help her so he did.

Richie wrapped one of Snickers gators around her on the bed.  She immediately laid her head down on it, but then suddenly picked up her head and face up towards the ceiling, let out the saddest & biggest wail of a cry, then lay her head back down on the gator and went to sleep.

The next day she asked me, “Does Snickers watch us now mommy (watch over us)?”  I told her yes.  She said,  “We love him mommy and we will none stopping (stop).” So love my Princess Lollipop and she’s been sleeping where Snickers slept when here, totally squished up to me to help my heart and hers through this grief.

When Richie’s dog Daisy crossed over, I told Snickers he needed to do 50/50 – 1/2 our down time with me and 1/2 with Richie. And dang straight if he wasn’t exact on the time he split between us cuddling us. Then when Snickers’ foster mommy (we’ll again be forever grateful to you Cindy D) tagged us on Lollipop’s adopt me ad; I asked Snickers if it was okay to adopt her and he said yes. And the rest is loving history. ❤

Snickers taught her how to punk, slamming into each other’s shoulder then racing around with her telling him off; un-stuffing dog toys in record time and who she could cuddle at night (when she felt like it lol).  And I believe he even gave her more confidence in all things.  He truly was the best big (smaller) older brother and she misses him as much as we do.

[Lollipop sleeping on Snickers’ den bed]

[Snickers’ gator wrapped around her to comfort her]

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Saying Goodbye To My Little Boy Snickers (for now)

It has been 16 years since I’ve had to feel this kind of grief again, when I had to help my rescue Pj cross over and then 5 months later, help my other rescue Billi cross over; after having them both for 17 years.

I swore I was going to take a year or year and a half off before adopting again.  They were both sick the last years of their life & I was single so I had no help caring for them.  Big talker I was.  I only lasted 14 days and adopted my Snickers.

I’ll be forever in debt to Cindy D who said she knew the minute she saw Snickers and I together, I was suppose to be his forever mommy, even though you could tell she was so in love with him.

Snickers was my best friend, my rock, my soulmate & my shadow for going on 16 years.  If I was home or he was with me out, he had to always be right by my side.

This last year he had already lost his hearing unless you yelled really-really loud and his sight was completely gone minus seeing only bright lights.  Plus trying to keep his kidney issues at bay.  I had communicated with him a lot lately asking him if he was ready to cross because I didn’t want him to suffer and he told me soon, but not yet.

But then the day came.  It is with the deepest grief, I had to help my little Snickers cross over New Year’s Eve.  Bless my husband who contacted a very kind vet that came over to our house 3 hours after being contacted, to help my baby not suffer here any longer.  Before they arrived, I sat with my Snickers gently petting him, kissing him non-stop and telling him through the biggest tears, how much I love him.  All of a sudden, he sits up, turns his head to look directly into my eyes and stares at me for the longest time.  He then laid back down again and I continued adoring him.  Then suddenly, he sat up again, turned his head to look directly into my eyes staring at me for such a long time again.  But this time he communicated, “Ok mommy, I’m ready to go now.”

Big bawling can’t even describe me then.  But as mentioned, he couldn’t see; but during this connection with me, he did see me.  I turned to look at my husband and his mouth was hanging open and he said, “Cindy, he could actually see you and looked into your eyes twice!”  There was no doubt, he truly did see me and connect fully before we had to say goodbye here.  I wrapped him in a big fuzzy blanket like a burrito and held him to me waiting the few hours before the vet would arrive.  He fell into the deepest sleep.

When the vet arrived, I carried him downstairs still completely wrapped up.  Sitting on the couch, Richie put Lollipop between us and he sat next to her so she could know, when he went to heaven.

Since losing his sight and hearing, when anyone touched him; he’d jump flinch big time until he knew who it was.  When the vet opened up the bottom of the blanket, reached in to reveal Snickers little leg to put the injections into; he didn’t flinch at all.  He continued sleeping deeply.  The vet gave the 1st injection and shortly after, Snickers started his little snores.  He always had the cutest tiny little snores.  Even the vet let out a little giggle and said, “Oh listen to his cute little snores!” Then the vet gave the 2nd injection to help him cross.  I immediately felt when my little baby’s soul left his body.  I told the vet and he checked Snickers’ heart and confirmed his heart had stopped.  He was so wrapped up in a big thick blanket, it wasn’t because I could feel his heart beat or stop beating, I just felt his soul leave.

It was a peaceful crossing for my little boy in my arms at home.  I’m so grateful this is an option now, unlike when Pj & Billi crossed.

We’ve added his cedar box of ashes & paw print  next to Pj, Billi & Richie’s dog Daisy with their collars draped upon them.  When I put his on our bedroom mantle next to our other 3 baby’s, Snickers said, “Mommy, I’m glad to be home!”  That made me smile.

I always told Snickers I loved him more than air.  He was my everything.  And that truly is the only way to describe how much I love him.  He was the funniest, most playful, smartest, most loving & caring being I’ve ever met.

But most of all, he loved BIG and still does!

He so loved playing in the lawn sprinklers, his foster mommy Cindy would turn one on for him while outside and he’d race around nuts in the water and grass.  Once she said she turned off the hose after his play as she was going inside.  She goes inside and then hears the water on again.  He had figured out how to hold the sprayer nozzle so it kept spraying water for him to play in.  He was such a smart little bugger LOL!

He loved playing in sprinklers – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ItQG-3TftM.

He loved playing soccer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-t6X0jpZJI

He loved playing football – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zvK_dHzSpQ

He loved playing footsies – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bULY2r-LOi0

He loved having a new sister and teaching her how to punk play – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3Y2cCmQ-Yo

He loved going to grandma & grandpa’s house – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aTErjjCPGY

He loved making me laugh – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt1R3xY32p8

He loved chicken jerky treats even in his dreams – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-qkCJBJNdg

He had so many nicknames, I’m surprised he knew them all…

Angel Butt

Angel Face

Doodle Bug


Honey Bunny

Mr. Snickers

My Little Coconut

Snicker Doodle

Snicker Da Pickle





[His adoption posts & photos]

[Photos the day of my baby leaving me here without him to hold]

[His paw print and ashes]

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Yep, Animals Are Amazing

I just had to share this story and the photos…

I’ve been talking to Alx’s sweet babies for a long time. Her dear Master Pi crossed over to heaven a month prior and since, her other 2 were no longer using the beds that Master Pi hung out in.

She had me ask Master G & Master Q, “Question about the wonderful beds Master Pi used to hang out on. Neither of you have been spending time in the window throne, or in the white basket near the windows, any more — is there any reason for this? Also, the furry bed on the table is available for you to use and enjoy. PLEASE know that you are most welcome to snuggle in these places — they are there for you! Is there anything we can do to make them more appealing? We’d really love to see you use them again. It is sad to see such wonderful places empty.”


Well….they listened! (LOVE animals SOOOO much)!!


“Today, I look up from the table, and Master G is sacked out on ’the throne’, the mini-couch in the window that Master Pi used to hang out in all the time….. so they listened, too, about the beds and being able to hang out in the places that Pi used to claim as his. They’re in the sweet little beds and have been in them most days, now, hours at a time, since you spoke to them. SO sweet!!! Kind of amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Had No Idea What These Were

I was the winning bidder on a basket containing lots of goodies at a Lab Rescue fund raising event near me & these 2 pads were in the basket. Ultra suction to anything (wall or floor), but had no idea what they were for. Used Google Lens to snap a picture and found out they are these…

“Peanut Butter Lick Pad – Reduce pet anxiety or use to distract pets while bathing.”

What a cool idea! Like some of those Kongs, but they stay in place and give pets with over licking issues, a better thing to focus on vs over licking themselves.

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Keep Your Babies Safe From Coyotes !

We had 3 very big coyotes caught on our security cameras this morning at 6:10AM. But we’ve also seen them during the bright light of day and at all times during the night.

We’ve run into them before when walking our dogs in our yard. Yelling at them doesn’t work. They just turn and square off with you. We’ve tried throwing some rocks at them to scare them and that didn’t work either.

What worked was we wear a loud whistle around our neck and when we see them, we blow it and it scares them away.

Other tips:

1. Make sure to hook the leash on a harness that allows you to pull them up quickly and safely by it (vs a collar that can slip of easily).

2. I even have a tight bungie key chain looped around the leash handle and around my wrist. When coyotes jump out of no where, people usually jump and the leash drops and they can run off with your baby! The bungie ensures you stay connected to your baby’s leash.

3. Fences DO NOT protect your furry kids. Coyotes can jump over 12 foot fences!

4. Keep them close by you too, but coyotes have taken pets right beside their person without these other safeguards.

5. Since they often hunt in packs too, even some larger dogs alone are not safe outside. Especially older or sick babies.

“Can You Communicate With Bugs?”

Yes, it is possible to communicate with bugs too! Let me share what happened when I communicated with a black widow spider that was in my backyard. It was pretty cool! And, when I was on an early date, with my now husband, where I sternly asked a mosquito eater (this is what people call the crane fly), to stop flying around us as we were trying to eat.

In my old house, a black widow kept making her web right where my dogs would go pee.  I worried about them getting bit since they were little and the venom can affect them very seriously.  So I pulled her web down.  The next day, she built another web in the same spot.  I pulled the web down.  The next day, the web was back up.  I smacked myself in the head and said talk to her instead.  So I explained to her I was tearing her web down because I was worried about my dogs getting in her way and her biting them.  I asked her to build the web on the other side of the wall and I’d leave her web alone. Dang straight if the next day her web wasn’t gone on my dog’s side of the wall and it was built on the other side of the wall and she was on it.  I thanked her and apologized for wrecking her web before I talked to her.  She thanked me for not killing her and for explaining what she needed to do so she could keep her web.

Now I’d like to share what happened with a crane fly. It was only a few dates in with the man who is now my husband, Richie. He knew I was an animal communicator, but was learning more about what all that meant and was so interested in understanding it all. We sat down for dinner and this crane fly kept flying around our food and in our faces. Finally fed up, I stood up and said to the crane fly, “Okay, you’re driving me NUTS! Land on my arm right now and I promise I won’t hurt you! I’ll carry you outside so you can be free like you need to be to survive!”

Dang straight, if that crane fly didn’t immediately land on my arm, I walked to the door, went outside and it flew away thanking me.

I turned around to find Richie in total shock with his mouth hanging open that I was able to do that. (Okay, I was in a little shock too that it listened to me on the spot like that and I thought to myself, “Hec YEAH!”) 🙂

So yes, communication can be done with any species, even bugs!

“I’m Ready Mom, let’s go and get this done already.”

I’ve talked about sweet Benji before (isn’t he SO handsome), but had to share his cuteness!

Many people have me tell their pets of upcoming trips, vet visits, company coming, etc; knowing how much they do NOT like surprises (except treats of course).  Well, Benji had an upcoming vet visit the next day so I let him know it was coming, he’ll need to be driven in his crate to the vets (which he hates going into) and that the test he needed, wasn’t one of his more harder ones this time for a condition he has.

The next day, he was ready to get into his crate before his mom Eleanor was ready to leave for their appointment time.  So blooming precious!



Thank You! Have to share a funny. Got up this morning and he was ready to go. He kept looking at me like “when? When? Appointment was for 12:30pm. So finally at 11:20 I got his carrier out and put it on the chair. He came right over, sniffed at it and climbed right in! He laid down, looked at me and his expression just said, “Let’s go!”

Thought you would get a kick out of that! Thanks again for squeezing him in!