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Do You Have A Good Mommy Too?

This beautiful cat is Shauna.  I was talking to her for her mom and she said the cutest thing to me.  She was bragging about having the best mommy and asked me the cutest question!  Love it! 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 12.35.52 PM.png

See session exert with her below…[ C=Cindy and S=Shauna ]

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 12.36.32 PM.png

Sometimes Trust Is Hard

Sometimes getting animals to trust us, just so we can help them, can be a long road.  But with love from their people and animal communication; it can be fast tracked in a wonderful way.

Meet Houdini who is a free roaming cat being taken care of by a wonderful lady and her husband.  Houdini is flighty, scares easily and is not into being touched.  He’ll cringe and run away.  They set him up on their porch with a bed, water & food so he can stay safe & warm.

Only when he’s starving and comes for food or water, does he allow Elaine to pet him.  The last time she petted him, he had brown sticky stuff all over his back.  She went inside to get a wet paper towel to clean him, but when she came back outside and he saw her with it, he cringed and took off.  She asked me to talk to him again about trusting them.  Reiterating, they’d never hurt him and only do things to care and love him, never to hurt or scare him.  So I had a session with him telling him just that.

This morning, Elaine emailed me…

“Wow!  You know exactly how to approach him to make him feel safe and understanding where he is coming from and where we are coming from.  I’m so appreciative!  By the way, he let me use a damp paper towel this morning before I saw the email form you!  He’s come so far just since he’s been talking to you!!!!”

I love, from all of my heart, talking to animals and being part of their journey with the people who love them.  Thank you God! ❤

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 1.00.01 PM.png

My Snickers thinks he got away with getting into the trash!

This is my dog Snickers. He never gets into the trash, but for some reason he did this day. And then was so cheeky about it knowing he did get away with it making me laugh to avert the scolding! 🙂
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Lollipop, Not Helping Us Get Her Into Her Pretty Coat

Our wonderful neighbors bought Lolli the cutest coat last Christmas. She looks like a little cute poodle tulip! But to get it on her, she’s stiff as a board and not helping LOL!

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A Horse’s 5th Owner Is There For The Long Run, With Love

I was contacted by Kim to talk to her horse Comienza.  This horse had thrown, kicked and bitten previous owners.  The horse would bare her teeth, snap and bite at people, including Kim.  Once giving Kim a very serious injury!

Kim told me that when she showed the crop to Comienza, she would stop her bad behavior, but never used it on her. Kim dedicated her love to this horse and wasn’t going to give up on her.  She contacted me to see how she and her horse could get along.

When I spoke to Comienza, she said she got overwhelmed easily as she could be very overly sensitive to things and didn’t like to be “made or told” to do something from humans.  She was in charge of herself.

I explained to Comienza, Kim was not trying to “make” her do anything.  That she was trying to be with her cooperatively together.  Wanting to learn together with her, what was needed to give respect and love to each other from each other.

Upon explaining all this to Comienza, it made all the difference.  She now understood, Kim wanted to work on this communication & relationship together – to make it good for both of them.  Not just to make her do something.  That the only reason Kim would hold the crop at her, was to remind her I’m respecting you, please respect me!

Baby steps, but it worked!  My heart gets touched to tears by any part I can be in helping people and animals.  Bless Kim for being such a dedicated and loving mom!  ❤

First step…

From Kim, “Tonight as I brushed her she turned with teeth barred at me. I said to her, hey you said you didn’t like me to have the crop or anything, if you won’t do that I wont have to carry the crop. She looked at me for a bit and then dropped her nose to my hand and softly touched it. I thanked her and said those are what I love from you. The rest of the brushing she didn’t attempt to bite or kick.”

Second step..

“Hi, just quick, but knew you would smile. This morning started the same way when I brushed her, snapping etc. I held her head in my hands, one hand on each side of the halter and again reminded her of the conversation. After I rode her and was brushing her she started to squeak when I touched her in areas she would normally try to bite.  Sometimes she would squeak when she was coming in heat, but it was really funny. I told her I loved the sqeaking instead of biting or snapping.” Kim

Next step…

“Well, tonight she licked me. I had went to clean under her jaw, in that space, she either likes it or snaps. She snapped and teeth came to look at me. I said to her I thought you were not going to do that any more. I really would like a nuzzle instead of that. She looked at me and then licked my hand, I started to cry and told her yes that is what I like over the teeth, and she licked me again. OMG. We are so grateful to you for helping her hear me.” Kim

Kim’s thoughts to what the communication meant to her…

“To welcome a new creature into my life is always a gift. Like any person, they too carry their baggage of the past and that influences the building of the new relationship – 2 years ago today my path joined with a lovely mare. I knew she had a history, but she never would share it with me. She was making great progress, but there were still a few behaviors that I was not able to help her break through. I reached out to Cindy. Cindy had a conversation with her and the response has been beautiful. I remind her of the conversation she had with Cindy and the behavior will stop. I see a new confidence level in her since Cindy has let her know how loved she is and that I want us to work as a team. I can’t say enough about how Cindy’s gifts have allowed us to continue to build our partnership. Thank you so much Cindy.”

Section of my conversation with Comienza:

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 2.55.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 2.55.03 PM.png