Sometimes All It Takes, Is Asking Them To

This handsome boy is Chevy. In my session he told me his stomach was bothering him. Then as I went through his mom’s list of what to tell & ask him, she said to tell him that she knew he didn’t like to take the pill he was being given to help his tummy feel better (I don’t pre-read the lists). And I asked if he’d try to take it from her everyday, please!?!

He said he would from now on and asked for something tasty to have after taking it. Sent the session off to his mom Kelly.

And guess what his mom said after…

“OMG Cindy! THANK YOU! I just saw your email. I gave Chevy one of the pills the vet gave me and he ate it like it was a treat!! I gave him a little bit of whip cream to wash it down. LOL”

But please read what he also said about his mom after that. What a beautiful thing to say!

Hugs to you Chevy, you are such a good boy for your mom!

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Interview With Teri From Canine Companions for Independence

I’m grateful to know Teri who helps raise dogs for Canine Companions for Independence or CCI. She let me interview her to learn & share, what goes into raising these amazing dogs that help so many people.

Do You Know Which Foods Are Toxic To Dogs & Cats?

Do you know which foods are toxic to your dog and which fruits & veggies your dogs can eat? Some of the things, both bad & good, might surprise you!

Watch this video and test to see how many you did already know about and find out which of them you didn’t know.

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And here is a chart for cats, okay and not okay for them…


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Toxic for Pets.png

WARNING – Tarantula Sightings Increasing!

Tarantula sightings are increasing as I’m seeing many posts on NextDoor & Facebook.

My husband was weeding our hill yesterday and saw hundreds of these webbed holes in our yard.

These are tarantula nests…


My little childhood dog was bitten by a tarantula on his muzzle while out in the yard, I raced him to emergency, but he died of a grand mal seizure that night. :

Last summer we were sitting in our side yard with the dogs after watching the sunset and it was very dark. I saw something move across the low wall right next to me. Richie turned on his cell phone flashlight to see what it was – it was a very large tarantula! YIKES! It literally was right beside where I was sitting with Snickers! Got the dogs & us in the house toot sweet!

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 12.29.17 PM.png

Don’t let your dog’s noses dig into bushes – keep them safe from these spider and snake bites.

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Woo-Hoo! And, A Sign From Heaven

Just had to share this story because it’s so cute. This is Vinnie – isn’t he ADORABLE?!?!

In my session talking to him he said this…


Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 11.59.12 AM.png

His grandma responded after reading the session.   Love this confirmation…

“Read the conversation you had with Vinnie, my grand-dog. I had to laugh when he said “Woo Hoo” regarding the healing you did on his poor old body. That is his mom’s-my daughter’s thing for sure. He’s probably heard his mom use that expression a million times!”

She also had me talk to her departed friend’s cat that she cared for when she started showing signs of illness in her late age, Nellie Moon.  When Nellie Moon did cross over, I checked in with her again.  I saw her in the arms of her mom, reunited and so happy to be with her again.  Then I saw her jump up onto her mom’s shoulder, circle around to the other side and sit there like an owl while her mom moved about!  I thought, do cats do that?  Never saw that before, but told this to my client anyway.

Turns out, that is EXACTLY what Nellie Moon use to do with her mom when they were here too!  My client said boy was that a sign from her departed friend and sweet little Nellie Moon or what.  Yep, it sure is. ❤

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 11.59.25 AM.png

Lollipop’s Dr. Lisa Ducky

On Lolli’s TWO chairs in our theater she sits on back and forth (beside the chase with me :), I had her Dr. Lisa Ducky (given to her from Dr. Lisa her foster mommy for her trip down from Los Angeles to be adopted by us), her Daddy Ducky and her Momma Ducky – all lined up against one chair’s arm. Snickers taught her how to dig the blankets messing them up into a nest and then laying on them. A few nights ago when she did this, the Dr. Lisa Ducky fell to the floor and she hadn’t noticed. I communicated to her saying, “Lolli OMGosh, you knocked your Dr. Lisa ducky on the floor, did you mean to do that? Do you want to leave it all by itself on the floor?” She looks at me, gets up from the other chair, jumps down, finds her Dr. Lisa Ducky on the floor, wads it into her mouth gently (the only toy she’s never unstuffed….unstuffing taught to her by her bro Snicks), jumps back up onto the chair with it, sets it besides her gently and then falls asleep.

She loves her foster mommy Dr. Lisa! 🙂

And just to confirm, it’s not “just” the toy, it’s the toy when we brought Lolli up for a reunion to her rescuers, that we had Dr. Lisa hold the whole visit while together. Then when we bought in the bags of stuff from the car the next morning and put them on the floor, Lolli dug into all the bags and found her Dr. Lisa Ducky > ran to the couch > laid it next to her in a content state and fell asleep.

For all you rescuers, adopters and fosters – know the true impact you have on the baby’s hearts you save. ❤

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.02.26 PM.png

Lolli’s only loved toy, THE Dr. Lisa Ducky

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.34.37 PM.png

Lolli on left with her Dr. Lisa Ducky – Snickers on right looking down at his new sis. 🙂

This was the heart-touching card that Dr. Lisa, Lolli’s foster mommy (the rescue named her Carly, but we changed her name to Lollipop), sent down with her when the rescue group drove her to us from Los Angeles – A care package bag including a kong, treats, some dog food & her “Dr. Lisa Ducky”.  It still makes me cry reading it, at how loved our little princess was by so many, especially her foster mommy.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 12.14.44 PM.png