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International Animal Communicator (telepath) & Intuitive Healer

I have been blessed with a gift that enables me to communicate with the mind and hearts of animals. I’ve been communicating professionally with animals since the year 2000.

How I received this blessing was from the worst moment in my life.  My dog Corke was hit by a car on purpose by a man I was married to.  He left Corke in the cold, dark garage to slowly hemorrhage to his death, alone.  I didn’t find out he did this to Corke until several weeks afterward.

I had to fly out of town on a Friday.  I had such a foreboding feeling like I was kissing Corke goodbye for the last time as I got in my car to drive to the airport.  And that’s what it was.  My last moment to see him alive.

I could just feel in my bones, heart and soul that something was wrong with my little angel Corke on Saturday night.  I tried to reach my husband all night long, but he wouldn’t answer the phone.  I took Corke’s picture out of my wallet and cried all night uncontrollably.  The next day I tricked my husband into answering the phone basically, and he told me Corke had died Saturday night just like I feared and felt.  It’s amazing the strength of the bond we have with our babies.

Why did my husband do it?  Because he was jealous of how much I loved Corke. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced.  When Corke died, I lost my best friend, my soulmate, my little angel and I wasn’t there for him.  When I arrived home and had to bury him, I went on a quest to reach him in heaven.

Our undying love for each other is what actually gave me the biggest blessing I could ever dream of – being able to communicate with animals.

In doing so, I vowed…

•     I wanted to help animals in every way I can.

•     I would help others be able to share with their beloved pets their messages too.

•     I would help people in their grief when they had a pet pass on. I wanted to free people from the torment I lived until I was able to reach My Little Angel – Corke.

I am mostly clairaudient (hear their voice) and clairsentient (feel their emotions) but I do get clairvoyant information (see images) as well during my sessions. Combining these gifts with the metaphysical trainings I’ve had, helps me even more to enrich your relationship with your pet with intuitive healing.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world or if your pet is alive or departed, I just need a photo and a list of what you want to ask & tell them.  I’m writing our conversation down as  the pet and I talk together and then scan and email the pages to you.  This gives you  something to easily reference to versus having to listen to a recording again to remember something or trying to write it down from a phone conversation.

Herbs, vitamins, homeopathic, Bach flowers, aromatherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage – are all natural ways to heal and care for your pets. This information and more is available during any session.

Visit my web site @ http://www.chatswithanimals.com to read testimonials & client responses or to find out more about booking a session for your pets.

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