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Nice, the October issue of Equine & Canine News is out. There is an interview article in it of me. Got a 2-page spread! I was honored. ūüôā




Okay it was SOOOOO cool and honoring to be asked by the San Diego Humane Society to give a lecture/workshop about Animal Communication & Healing in July!

It was a Thursday night at 6pm and a hot day. I thought I might get about 10-12 people who might show up if I was lucky – week night and at dinner time?!?!

I was told the person doing it gets part of the ticket sales. I said keep it, I want it to go to the shelter.

She gave me the cutest ever little ceramic bird plant holder for a gift. So sweet!

When I arrived the coordinator said they allow only 70 people and 70 signed up, but usually there is quite some drop off so maybe 50 would come.

OMG 70 showed up and stayed. They added some more chairs, but still there were many people standing and they stayed the whole time.

Thank all of you who attended and I was so happy it raised $700 for the shelter!!!

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Good Morning San Diego РKUSI News interview with me by Dan Plante when helping to promote the Del Mar Cat Fanciers event as they had rescued cats up for adoption РJan 2017.


Me as a judge on America’s Cutest Puppies – San Diego Location – 2007. ¬†Show’s MC-Allen Lee Haff next to Donna Frye/Retired City Councilwomen, myself next to¬†the winning pooch &¬†his dad and¬†a trainer¬†from SeaWorld.

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Meeting Mr. Fuzzypants from the movie Nine Lives.

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At Joan Embery’s (goodwill ambassador to the¬†San Diego Zoo‘s¬†Zoological Society of San Diego)¬†ranch at our¬†friend’s funeral. ¬†I had to say hello to her zebra while there. ¬†Rest in peace Mike D.

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Bobbi Brink, Founder of Lions, Tigers & Bears rescue in Alpine.

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My husband & I with Dr. Gary Weitzman/President & CEO-San Diego Humane Society.

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Ed Lederman/KUSI News (on left) & us supporting the F.A.C.E. charity event.

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Finally got to meet my client’s dog Sunny in person, who’ve I’ve been communicating to for many years, when we were in Las Vegas on vacation. ¬†So love him!

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Supporting the SD Humane Society – Gala/Silent Auction.

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Supporting¬†Helen Woodward’s walk – Talking to their Director, Michael Arms near my booth.

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My article in the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine – Is Your Pet Traveling in Your Car As Safe As Possible – March/April 2017.

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Supporting the Escondido Humane Society РMy booth at their walk.

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My friend Debby Hanson (that worked at the SD Humane Society for many years) and us at the SDHS РDonor Appreciation Party.

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Supporting the SD House Rabbit Society at their Bunnyfest – My little Snickers nose to nose with a bunny and my booth.

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Supporting the Escondido Humane Society – Gala/Silent Auction.

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Supporting the SD Humane Society РMy booth at their walk event.


Wine Retriever Party to raise money for the SD Humane Society¬†at Phil’s of Phil’s BBQ home.

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Today’s Local News – Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista Newspaper…Escondido’s pet whisper article – 12/28/05.\


Booth at OCAC Adoption Event to help more animals find a home.

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It was fun taking some time to be on the radio for awhile – Cindy’s Pet Talk Radio Show 2003 – WS¬†Internet Radio.

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Supporting American Cancer Society with a booth at their Bark For Life event.

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Supporting the SoCal Parrot Rescue event – one of the beautiful birds they had there.

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Cat Fanciers Del Mar Fair event Рrescues, cat obstacle course, education = fun.

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