What Does Being A Therapy Dog, Mean To A Therapy Dog? Everything!

This is Zoe.  Her and her mom do therapy visits in nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, suicide prevention workshops, a grief workshop weekend for kids who had lost a parent or a sibling, school for kids who need additional services to be successful in school, etc.

At one suicide prevention workshop, Zoe zeroed in on a young man and stayed with him the entire night one time knowing he needed her.
At the grief workshop for kids, several there were really drawn to Zoe.  Zoe is so sweet and patient just letting them cry on her while holding her.  At one grief camp experience, the kids had to make secret handshakes with their big buddy ( mentor).  One little girl made one up with Zoe (a handshake and a hug).  She came over to Zoe every time the group had to give their buddy the secret handshake.  Her mom was so glad Zoe knew how to shake!

Since Covid, they haven’t been able to go on therapy visits in person/on-site (vs just being outside through a window) and as we know and are seeing, it is not the same.

This is Zoe’s perspective on masks, not seeing a person’s smile nor being able to go do therapy sessions in person to help others.  She’s so dedicated to helping others and gets so much back from it herself (as does her mom), it’s made her very sad.

Please read what she had to say.  I found it so deeply loving and profound from a beautiful soul called Zoe.

[NOTE: This is so cool!  I asked Zoe’s mom to tell her verbally that I wrote about her and her devotion to helping people and her mom responded with this!]

From: Nancy
Subject: Re: Posted Zoe’s story 🙂
Date: February 3, 2021 at 1:20:55 PM PST

Wow!    That it is so nice!    I read it to Zoe who kept her head on my knee and wagging her tail.    It was a hit!    

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Author: chatswithanimals

* I am an animal communicator (telepath) & intuitive healer. I have been blessed with a gift that enables me to communicate with the mind and hearts of animals. I’ve been doing animal communication professionally since the year 2000 and have an established track record of helping animals and their people. * How I received this blessing was from the worst moment in my life. My dog Corke was hit by a car on purpose by a man I was in a relationship with when I was out of town. Why? Because he did not like dogs and was jealous of how much I loved Corke. He left Corke in the cold, dark garage to slowly hemorrage to his death. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced. I couldn’t believe that one’s heart could hurt so much and still survive when I arrived home and had to bury him. I went on a quest to reach him. Our undying love for each other is what actually gave me the biggest blessing I could ever dream of - being able to communicate with animals. And in doing so, I vowed that I would help others be able to share with their beloved pets how much they fill our hearts and our lives. Also, to help people in their grief when they have had a pet pass on. I wanted to free people from the torment I lived until I was able to reach My Little Angel - Corke. * I am mostly clairaudient (hear their voice) and clairsentient (feel their emotions), but I do get clairvoyant (see images) information as well. So just as you and I would talk together, that’s how it is with your pet and me. You get to hear exactly what their response is to what you ask or tell them. * My training in healing touch has turned into the ability to do intuitive healing/energy balancing. I am able to see energy blockages and pain in animals without being in their presence. This healing technique has helped the animals I’ve worked with emotionally and physically. I’ll also recommend natural products that might help with various issues.

2 thoughts on “What Does Being A Therapy Dog, Mean To A Therapy Dog? Everything!”

  1. Dear Lady Cindy, thank you for sharing this with me. I am so grateful for you helping me through lots of trauma by talking to my two princes who I still miss. May our Heavenly Father be with our animals and with all of us. Blessings, as Always.

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