The Story Of Ellie: An Amazing Horse’s Sensitive Heart

This is a true story of Ellie and her beautiful & sensitive heart…

I was asked by Ellie’s person-mom Marsha to talk to her about all the changes that had happened recently.  To make sure she didn’t have any wrong ideas of why the changes happened, to make sure she understood it was nothing she had done wrong & to make sure she’d be okay with the new things in her life like a new family and being moved to a new place to live.

Marsha had me explain to Ellie that her granddaughter Mia could no longer ride her and show together with her.  That she loved her with all her heart, but changes in life, changed the time Mia had left in her day.  School, family life, etc; left no time for riding or competitions any more.

Marsha had another family member who had a young daughter who wanted to learn to ride.  Marsha knew they would be touched by having Ellie in their lives too!  Ellie would meet more family, have a new little girl to teach, to love and to love her too.

ELLIE:  “I’d like that very much Cindy.  I am good & I am smart.  I’d love to help Avery learn too!  I am very good at that & I do enjoy it so (learning with & teaching a little girl to ride)!”

Ellie was so relieved to hear all the changes weren’t because of something she did wrong.  But, because of everything she does wonderfully right – being her beautiful, loving & sensitive self.

ELLIE:  ”I’m glad to know…to be hearing why any changes were made.  I get a little apprehensive & worried when things do, and I don’t understand.  I don’t like moves (moving) much when I’m alone with my thoughts.  I’m pretty happy go lucky & am happy where I am (in her new place), but then doubts can set into my thoughts too.  I try not to show others, but in my quiet moments, they fill my thoughts some…quite a bit actually.  It was me I feel though too (blaming herself for the change & it was said with such sadness).”

I told her messages from Marsha & Mia to calm her fears & sadness.  To confirm again it was nothing she did wrong.  That she is loved beyond belief by everyone.  What wonderful partners she and Mia were and how much they learned together as I was told they won a championship and that they both worked so hard to win that.

ELLIE:  ”I was very proud of us Cindy.  We did work well & hard together.  I hope she was proud of us too.”

Told her of course Mia was and asked, “Couldn’t you see and feel that from Mia?”  (Knowing she did.)

ELLIE (Thinking back on it):  “Yes, we stood proud we did (said full of pride)!  Will I ever see Mia again Cindy (said with such sadness in her eyes & in her heart)?”

Told her I’d need to ask Marsha because I didn’t know that information.  In a later conversation I explained to Ellie that Mia now lived 4 hours away from where Ellie was, but she’d come visit as often as possible and her new family would send pictures of Ellie to Mia too.

ELLIE:  “I would really like that.  It would make me feel that it wasn’t all about just our time together, but our caring for one another too.  I’m still feeling some sadness about Mia being away, but I understand.  I really do.”

I asked Ellie if there was anything she wanted me to share to Mia through Marsha.

ELLIE:  “I love Mia with all my heart Cindy.  She was like a little sister to me & my friend.  I had such fun learning together.  I will miss her & I’d like for her to come see me whenever she can. Can you also thank Marsha for me for her thoughtfulness of sharing these meaningful & necessary messages with me. Necessary because I would have kept wondering why the changes were made & been very sad without knowing.”

Ellie’s new mom shared that her youngest daughter Amy showed up crying at the barn and Ellie went to her and almost cuddled her (see photo below).

She said Amy asked to ride Ellie and almost never wants to ride & she rode Ellie. She felt Ellie intuitively knew how to help her daughter.

As you can tell, she did.  Ellie has a heart of gold and she’s beautiful inside and out, don’t you think? ❤

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Author: chatswithanimals

* I am an animal communicator (telepath) & intuitive healer. I have been blessed with a gift that enables me to communicate with the mind and hearts of animals. I’ve been doing animal communication professionally since the year 2000 and have an established track record of helping animals and their people. * How I received this blessing was from the worst moment in my life. My dog Corke was hit by a car on purpose by a man I was in a relationship with when I was out of town. Why? Because he did not like dogs and was jealous of how much I loved Corke. He left Corke in the cold, dark garage to slowly hemorrage to his death. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced. I couldn’t believe that one’s heart could hurt so much and still survive when I arrived home and had to bury him. I went on a quest to reach him. Our undying love for each other is what actually gave me the biggest blessing I could ever dream of - being able to communicate with animals. And in doing so, I vowed that I would help others be able to share with their beloved pets how much they fill our hearts and our lives. Also, to help people in their grief when they have had a pet pass on. I wanted to free people from the torment I lived until I was able to reach My Little Angel - Corke. * I am mostly clairaudient (hear their voice) and clairsentient (feel their emotions), but I do get clairvoyant (see images) information as well. So just as you and I would talk together, that’s how it is with your pet and me. You get to hear exactly what their response is to what you ask or tell them. * My training in healing touch has turned into the ability to do intuitive healing/energy balancing. I am able to see energy blockages and pain in animals without being in their presence. This healing technique has helped the animals I’ve worked with emotionally and physically. I’ll also recommend natural products that might help with various issues.

4 thoughts on “The Story Of Ellie: An Amazing Horse’s Sensitive Heart”

  1. I really enjoyed that story! What a beautiful horse. I hope you are staying safe and well during this pandemic. When you have time, please talk to zoe. Tell her this virus is still going around, so we won’t be working for awhile. I know she misses it. Tell her I try to keep up visits with her friends in our walks. Is there anything else I can do? Tell her I love her very much and am so grateful I have her with me during this pandemic. She makes my life full!

    Also if there’s time please check in with Mickey and Kitty. Let them know I am so happy to have them during this pandemic. They are my family.

    Thank you for everything. Stay well! Nancy

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