Am I Crazy?!? I Keep Hearing My Departed Dog’s Collar Jingling!

One of my client’s dog’s crossed over a month ago.  She asked for my opinion or to share any thoughts on what she was experiencing.  So in case anyone reading this has too, I wanted to share.

She kept hearing her angel dog’s distinctive bark when he wanted to go outside to pee in the morning after she was up.  And at night when in bed, she’d hear the distinct jingle of his collar tags in the room (a sound completely different from her other dog’s collar that only has 1 tag, it doesn’t jingle and who is sitting with her). 

She said and asked me, “I know I feel more connected to my dog than I do most people, but am I going insane?” 

Nope, she’s not.  I had the same experience.  My dog Corke who was murdered and who gave me the gift of animal communication, did that for me.  I hadn’t learned animal communication yet, but I had just started going down every road that I could to have someone reach him for me.  He knew how badly I needed to connect with him even if just for one more time. 

At night too many times to count, I’d be in my car driving away from home, with the guy I was seeing at the time, and I’d hear Corke’s distinctive collar jingle.  Not even thinking, I’d quickly look in the back seat expecting to see him.  Of course Corke wasn’t there, but the guy with me would hear it loud and clear every single time too!  To boot, Corke had never been in that car let alone the home I lived at then. 

I’m right there with her too on how close we are to our pets vs. people.  This was my old expression when I ran into guys that were not nice or respectful to my love of my pets or animals when I was dating, ”If I had a dog in my life when I met you, I wouldn’t have ever dated you!!!”  When I met my current husband and started falling in love with him, I wasn’t thinking how it would come across when I told him, “I love you as much as I love Snickers (my current dog)!”  And right after thought, ohhhh that wasn’t cool to say, yikes!  And, how I knew he was the one for me…he says, “Really, you do love me that much!?”  He got IT + me and Snickers! 🙂 

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 1.59.51 PM.png
Corke, My Little Angel

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