Having A Pet Is Suppose To Mean Forever…

I wanted to share this sweet little boy’s story. His name is SANTEE and he’s 18 years old.

I had my session with him and I have to share he is the happiest, most pure innocent hearted and loving boy!

Now, when you read all he’s been through in life, he’s TRULY amazing that his heart is still so loving and happy. Blessings to you Santee and to the sweet family who adopted you knowing your worth & beauty to this world!!! ❤

“Thank you for the readings on my babes! I wanted to share a bit about Santee. He was rescued years ago with injuries from being hit by a car, he has buck shot throughout his body, had heartworm, and later he was hit by a golf cart and suffered 2 collapsed discs, he walks with weak extremities and a humped spine, he also had a portion of his bowel resected due to a blockage!!!! Right now he is deaf and partially blind. His owners worked long hours and the husband decided he was too much trouble so the wife asked me to take him to save him. He still wags his tail, lifts his nose to the wind, can usually make it outside to go to the bathroom and enjoys his food immensely! We no longer call him Stinky Pete McGee because we had his teeth cleaned and the new food has replaced his oily, dandruffy fur with a really healthy thick coat. You gave me reassurance that he still has a purpose here on earth and is not ready to leave!”

Wanted to add too, that when I told my sweet husband about talking to him and Santee being deaf, my husband chatted back…made me tear up with happy tears. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.01.29 AM.png


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