Happy 10 Years Lollipop – thank God for all who rescued you!

Today, the lady who’s yard Lollipop wandered into, Facebook messaged me the initial Baldwin post asking…

“I don’t know if you ever saw this posting of her?”

I had never seen it!  Oh this made me cry!  Our poor baby girl went through so much, and due to her rescuers, was able to blossom into the beautiful girl she was already inside.

(I found this lady a few years ago because someone from The Bill Foundation remembered her name.  Searched for her on Facebook, out of several people with the same name, found one with several dog pictures posted, so knew for sure I found the right person.  Yea, she was and overjoyed to see and hear about Lollipop now.)

The lady who found her had 3 large dogs and couldn’t afford to keep her too, so she took her to the Baldwin Shelter.  Then, she called The Bill Foundation begging them to get her out and help her.  When one of The Bill Foundation workers went there to get her, no one could find her because she was in the male dog section.  They kept showing pictures of her to the workers and volunteers and finally after time, one recognized her.  She was taken out of this shelter and given the care she desperately needed.

She was taken to a vet that helps the Foundation.  She was in such poor shape, she needed 2 solid months of medical care.  Working so long with her, the vet fell in love with her and became her foster mommy.

Six months later…my little rescue dog Snickers’ foster mommy tagged me her adoption photo on Facebook saying, “Who does she look like?” We drove up to Santa Monica to meet this little girl who was then called Carly and the rest is history.  We changed her name to Lollipop.

We chose 5/20, her rescue date, as her birthday. Happy birthday my sweet love, and bless all those who helped you get rescued!

So thank you Annie Hart/Rescue From the Hart, Eldad Hagar/Hope for Paws, Ja-Shin/The Bill Foundation, Dr. Lisa/vet & Cindy D/Snickers’ foster mom.
We love you ALL and are forever grateful to have our little Poodle Princess!  ❤

We keep in contact with them and keep them updated with Lolli’s cute photos and videos that they love to see.  Even went up to Santa Monica for her to see all her rescuers again a few years ago!  We plan to again too.

So the reason I’m posting this blog?  Is you never know what a simple sharing of a Facebook tag can mean to the life of an animal or all the people who’s lives they touch in the process.

This is the original Baldwin post and video of “A male poodle – Finnigan” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZscD547xQo.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 12.11.13 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 1.10.41 PM.png


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