Do Animals Act Differently When You’re Communicating With Them?

Most of the time, they don’t.  If their parents were to look or talk with them during the time I’m communicating with them, they don’t see any difference in their behavior…but, there are some who do.

One dog would always walk into their dining room and stare at the wall in the dark when him and I started communicating together (a room they never used so it was quiet and apart from others).

One mom noticed that her dog was behaving weirdly between 3 & 4 PM.  Like her dog was suddenly seeing a fly in the room that no one else could see.  She mentioned it to her husband and he said, “I wonder if Cindy is talking to Mavis right now?”

Ha, I was!  Mavis and I started our communication at 3:26 PM ending our conversation close to 4 PM.

Some will go out of the room to another quiet one by themselves during the session.

One thing I do get told all the time is after I talk to someone’s pet, the pets are usually over the top affectionate to their mom & dad and joyously happy right after the session.  They’re so happy to get messages from their mom and dad.  It makes their relationship together even tighter.

It’s truly a blessing to my heart to hear that! ❤



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