What Are You?

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No to all of these.

I get asked this question a lot.  People don’t know how to define what I do.  So,  I thought it would be nice to answer this question for anyone else who doesn’t know.

I don’t “foresee” things like a psychic does.

I’m not just a medium, those that connect with the departed, because I communicate with live animals as well.

Dog/horse/pet whisperers know the body language and pack behavior of animals and use that to communicate & teach pets (and their people).

I am an animal telepath (animal communicator).  I communicate mind to mind with animals telepathically.  For me, it’s just like if you and I are talking together.  That’s how I hear an animal.  I’m mostly clairaudient (hear them), but I’m also clairvoyant (see visuals from them) & I’m clairsentient as well (feel their feelings).

So how does this work?  A typical session is usually 30-60 minutes and you can break that time up into as many pets as you need to, live or departed.  I only need a photograph and a list of what you want to ask or tell the animal.  When I’m communicating with them, I’m writing down our conversation.  Afterward, I email the session pages to you.  Shazam!  Any leftover time is banked for future sessions.

Many of my clients have commented how wonderful it is to have a written session to keep and refer back to or re-read whenever they want.  They have actually said they cherish their pages.

[Session page below.]

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A phone session however…

Would require you to quickly scribble down notes during the session and you could miss things.

Or record it, which is not easy to refer back to unless you re-listen to it all over again and/or write it all down afterwards.

I’ve been asked if it matters what language the pet knows or hears from their people.  Good question, since I have clients all over the world that speak in their native tongue to their pets (i.e. German, Japanese, French, etc.).  It does not matter as I hear the pet in my language as I am the “filter” of the conversation.  When I’m talking with the animal, I’m writing our conversation down.  So, it does require that the pet’s mom or dad is able read written English.

Why do I only use pictures?  I don’t need a physical body in front of me to connect with an animal to have a conversation.  I don’t even need a photograph when it comes down to it.  I’m connecting to their soul & mind, not their physical body.  The picture just allows me to “see” them during our conversation together.  This is how I’m able to communicate with departed animals as well.

Why don’t I give phone sessions?  Many animal communicators do their sessions over the phone, but I prefer working off a photograph and information from the person. By getting all the questions & information in advance, the conversation with the animal is without interruptions from bouncing back and forth from the person to me, me to their pet, their pet to me, me back to the person.  This is loop is repeated for every question or comment the person wants to say to their pet.  Not to mention things like call waiting interrupting our call, calls dropping off, or something distracting the person during the call.

Why don’t I do on-site sessions?  Because I don’t need to be with the pet to communicate with them.  Not to mention all the time it takes to drive back and forth to people (for those of you who know California traffic and the distance between cities here in San Diego not to mention I live pretty rural outside the city); it just takes too much time.  I’d rather be talking to more pets during a day then sitting in a car driving around for sure!  And, the cost for a session would be a lot more making it less affordable for most people.

I’ve been doing professional sessions since 2000.  In all those years I have found by using photographs for my sessions, it is how I work best to give you the best session.  Plus, I usually get about 15-20 minutes more talk time with the pet during an hour.  So, it’s beneficial to the pet and their person which makes it so worth it to me.

Hoping this helped explained who I am and what I do if you had any questions about it.



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