When A Dog Recognized Me First

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 4.24.16 PM.png

Till this day, what happened still makes me chuckle and feel honored by this sweet pooch.  I was at the Del Mar Fair Ground at my booth during the Pet Expo which is a huge event and takes up a lot of space filled with lots of people, animals and events going on.

I was directly across from the agility ring so it was pretty loud and distracting.  My mom was with me to help during the event and we started to watch, from my booth, the dogs that were performing since we had a brief moment of down time.

My mom turns to me and says, “That’s weird.  All the people and the dogs outside the ring are intently watching the dogs in the ring…except one.  Do you see that dog?  Across the aisle and people?  He’s staring at you and has been for about 10 minutes straight.  He’s not taking his eyes off you.  Hmmm.”

Just as she finished saying that, the people holding the dog turn around and look down at him.  Then, they looked to see what he’s staring at.  The biggest smiles light up their faces and they walk over to me with their dog.

The women says, “Cindy!  I can’t believe we finally found you!  We’ve been walking around the booths for awhile trying to find you to say hello!  Do you remember Charlie?  You spoke to him several months ago.  I can’t believe he actually spotted you and knew who you were when it’s not like he’s ever met you or seen your picture!  We couldn’t figure out what he was staring at until we looked up and saw it was you.  We recognize you from the photo on your website.  HA!”

Charlie gave me the best doggie meet & greet.  Loved that.

Since I use photographs to talk to animals with, Charlie never “saw” me; but he actually recognized me and knew it was me.  Wow, right?!  So cool.  Animals are so blooming AMAZING!

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