Helping People Release Their Grief

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One of the biggest blessings to me, is being able to help people release their deep grief about losing their pet when the pet crosses over.  The love between a pet and their person is so immense, it can’t be broken just because one is on earth and one is in heaven.  Through animal communication, they can still have conversations telling their babies things and their pets telling them things back.  To be part of that, I’m blessed.

Also, helping people know if it’s the right time to help their babies cross over or not yet.

One session comes to mind when I think of this.  I had a client who’s mom did not believe in animal communication although her daughter did and had sessions for her babies quite often.  When her mom’s dog crossed over, the mom went into months of terrible depression and sadly was almost suicidal.  Her daughter was beside herself trying to get her mom out of her depression.  She couldn’t even understand why her mom was so devistated because this dog was so aloof and never showed anyone attention, not even to its mom.

Since nothing seemed to help and she was really worried her mom might take her own life, she decided to have me communicate with her mom’s dog.

I had the session and after talking to him, I saw the visual image of him putting his head on his mom’s shoulder.  Sent the session off to my client.

She was really worried how her mom would take this so debated awhile before giving it to her to read.  She told me that after her mom read the session, her mom went into heaving sobs and was almost non-consolable.  She thought, “Oh, oh…I never should have done this.  I should have just kept the session to myself!”

After hours of crying heavily, her mom was finally able to tell her why.  Her dog never-ever gave her attention in front of other people.  The ONLY time he did was when him and his mom were alone.  Then he’d go up next to her and put his head on her shoulder.  She had never shared  their secret “exchange” to anyone.  So the mom knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, her dog had reached her.

Love has no boundaries, thank God. –


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